Edit start time on open time entries


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Summary: It is now possible to edit the start time on open time entries. Waiting until a time entry is closed is no longer required.

Originally it was not possible to change the start time on a time entry if the employee was still clocked in. After customer feedback, we have now enabled this behaviour.

Previously, if an employee forgot to clock in and notified their manager in person, via SMS, or a call, the manager would have to wait until the employee had clocked out to change the time. Managers expressed interest in being able to just get the fix done right away and move on instead of risking forgetting to fix it.

This has now been implemented so managers can now update the start time on an open time entry.

One thing to keep in mind is that the app has not been updated yet to account for the start time changing after clocking in. The counter in the app will therefore still count from the moment the employee clocked in within the app. After the employee clocks out, the time entry will have the correct time in the time entry table.

We would like to thank the users who suggested this change!