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Summary: New Report beta page has been added where it is possible to define time settings with a granularity of 1 minute.

A new Report beta page has been added. To try it out, go to Report and click "Report beta" in the navigation at the top. The purpose is to give early access to new report functionality that we are developing. As a beta, please be aware some features may not work as expected. After we have gained confidence in these changes, we will bring them over to the regular report.

New in the Report beta are inputs to specify time with a granularity of 1 minute. The current report only has options for some common values such as "8 hours". Now these values can be adjusted more precisely. For example, it is now possible to specify that overtime should start after 16:35.

Screenshot from the new time tracking report settings. Time inputs with 1 minute granularity. Settings: show comments, pay overtime on weekends, pay overtime after (hh:mm) o'clock, pay overtime after (hh:mm) hours worked, deduct (hh:mm) lunch break, show lunch deductions, start pay after (hh:mm) o'clock.

To use the new report, simply select the input and type, for example, "1635". The format is hh:mm in a 24 hour clock. To specify that overtime should be paid after 7 hours and 45 minutes, type "0745". Once an input has been selected, it is also possible to use the arrow keys to increase or decrease the values. To remove a value, click "x clear" to the right of the input.